I was born and raised in southwest North Dakota and grew up considering myself a city girl. That is, until I headed east to college, and realized that my hometown (population: about 16,000) was just a town. My childhood was spent smelling lilacs, watching cottonwood tree seeds float in the air, scraping ice off car windows, and dreaming up stories. At 18, I traded the plains for Smith College in Massachusetts, where I spent four years perpetually confused about what direction I was facing because there were so many darn trees. After graduating with a B.A. in sociology, I headed to New York City, worked in book publishing, and memorized the subway map.

I moved back West, to Denver, in 2006 and have been stockpiling fleece jackets ever since. I have a master’s degree in newsgathering from the University of Colorado. When I’m not typing away on my laptop, I’m hiking in the Rocky Mountains with my husband and son, bent over a book, sampling new recipes, or playing card games.

Additional Press:

I am a frequent contributor to Colorado Inside Out, a political roundtable on Colorado Public Television (CPT12).

“Death Row Stories: Episode 8,” CNN, September 2014

“Walking Scar(r)ed,” republished by Reader’s Digest international, 2015

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