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Our Children Ourselves

Our Children, Ourselves

More than 180 kids are born in Colorado every day, and as many as one in four will be abused or neglected by their caregivers during their early years. Why is it so difficult to stop this from happening—and even harder to find justice for victims? Read more… (5280, December 2016)

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Behind the Badge

Mutual mistrust between citizens and the police has rarely been higher in America, and Denver is no exception. What’s being done on both sides of the thin blue line to remedy this—and is it enough? Read more… (5280, September 2015)

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Riders on the Storm

Colorado has pumped nearly $25 million into mental health crisis care since the Aurora theater shooting in 2012. Those on the front lines of this battle know it isn’t nearly enough, but they’ll take all the help they can get. Read more… (5280, December 2013)

Direct Fail

Welcome to Colorado. One of only seven states in the country where district attorneys can unilaterally decide when to criminally prosecute kids as adults. Read more… (5280, December 2011)


As the Colorado Legislature continues to slash budgets, the state’s foster care system remains chronically underfunded. Something’s got to give, right? The thing is, if we don’t pay now, as the kids grow up, it could continue to cost us all a whole lot more than money. Just ask Erika Righter and Shawn Larson. Read more… (5280, December 2010)

The Politics of Killing

Fifteen years after the Chuck E. Cheese massacre in Aurora, the shooter is still on death row. Nathan Dunlap’s execution may bring a day of reckoning for Governor Bill Ritter. Read more… (5280, December 2008)