The West is a cornerstone of my writing. Whether I’m covering water, hi-altitude living, or one of Denver’s historic neighborhoods, I’m interested in how geography impacts how we live and play.


For a family to own and work a spot of land in Colorado for just one growing season is a feat of perseverance, temperance, tenacity, and luck. The Edgars have done it for more than 100 years. Read more… (5280, October 2016)

Welcome to Globeville

For more than a century, Denver has mistreated, maligned, or misused the Globeville neighborhood. It’s been cut in four by major interstates. It’s been a dumping ground and a proposed Superfund site. Now, as gentrification encroaches on this historic neighborhood, Globeville residents keep waiting—and wishing—for something better. Read more… (5280, November 2014)

Dry Times

Colorado has grown rapidly over recent decades, as more and more people crowd into our borders. Our water, unfortunately, is a limited resource. And we’re almost out. Read more… (5280, April 2010)