The thicker the muck, the happier I am. From Colorado’s death penalty to up-and-coming politicos, I’m quick to tackle research-heavy topics.

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Long Game

Beth McCann has made a career of breaking gender barriers, and she did so again this past November when she was elected to be Denver’s first female district attorney. One year after her historic victory, what’s next for the trailblazer? Read more… (5280, November 2017)

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Inside the Sometimes-Contentious, Surprisingly Productive, and Never-Boring World of Denver’s City Council

As it welcomes seven new members, the City Council has a long to-do list. But do you really understand how this governing body works? A look at the people who shape life in the Mile High City. Read more… (5280, December 2015)

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Riders on the Storm

Colorado has pumped nearly $25 million into mental health crisis care since the Aurora theater shooting in 2012. Those on the front lines of this battle know it isn’t nearly enough, but they’ll take all the help they can get. Read more… (5280, December 2013)

The Contender

The Contender

Could state Senator Morgan Carroll become Colorado’s first female governor? Read more… (5280, October 2012)